Meet Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen

Name:                                                                    Kelsey Leighannah Hollis

Hometown:                                                          Warner Robins, Georgia

Education:                                                           Houston County High School

                                                                                Feagin Mill Middle School                

                                                                               Christian Fellowship Academy/ Lindsey Elementary School

Platform Issue:                                                   TAABS: Teaching Autism Awareness by Siblings- A Platform forChange

Scholastic/Career Ambition:                       To attend The University of Alabama and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Minor in Music, become a sports analyst

 Talent:                                                                 Vocal

Scholastic Honors: Selected for the National Young Leaders Conference; Identified as gifted at an early age; AP class placement, AP studies courses; Recognized at Houston County Regional Science Fair; Earned nomination to the prestigious Duke University Educational Talent Search

Leadership Roles: Lead Varsity Football Manager; Launched and directed Queen of Summer Pageant, 3 years; Partners Club Mentor in Adaptive P.E. class; Keynote Speaker Street2Success Afterschool Program, 2 years, Red Ribbon Week-4 schools, 2 years; Elected 2017 Class Vice President, Homecoming Court Representative, 2 years; Team Leader, Relay for Life, 2 years; Initiated partnership with Georgia Miss Amazing Pageant, Facilitated Workshop Volunteer, Buddy; Established TAABS; Lead Volunteer, VBS, A-HA Homeless Ministry, Mentor

Accomplishments: 2016 National Beta Club Day Leadership Award; Nominee: National U.S. Achievement Academy, National Youth Leadership Forum, Global Young Leaders Conference; 3-year Designated National Anthem vocalist Houston Co. Schools’ Special Olympics, state and county wide athletic events; Lobbied for Ava’s Law, ratified March 2015; Finalist: The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes; Silver Parking Pass Family Car City; Won teen and junior regional talent competitions with Superior ratings; Integral Competition Cheerleader

Interesting Facts: Speaking in complete sentences and walking at 10 months; Soloist at age 4; Predicted 2016 Heisman Trophy winner; Phobia of costumed mascots; Featured in rival high school’s yearbook; Did not pay for lunch from grades 2-5; Not usually recognized by old friends; Abandoned at and before prom, 2 years.

Marketing Plan: Forging relationships, while creating personal connections that showcase the MAOTeen brand is the most effective way to market one of the premier scholarship programs in the country. Featuring the scholarship benefits as well as the lifelong skills developed through the program will resonate with parents and school counselors, as well as girls across the state.  Activating social media, creating opportunities for potential contestants to impact their communities, and involving both businesses and prominent leaders are just a few of the ways that, as our state title holder, I will continue to promote the MGAOTeen Scholarship program. 

Legacy: Self-efficacy is a concept that needs to be cultivated in the today’s youth. Too often, poor choices and lost dreams derive from low self-esteem. Whether it a disability, a disease, or a disorder  my goal is to tell teens across our state, and eventually our country, that they are more than good enough and absolutely capable of achieving their goals, regardless of what obstacles they may be facing.