Purpose of the Miss Georgia Princess Program

In 2005, The Miss Georgia Scholarship Organization began the Princess Program for young ladies age five to twelve.

The purpose of this program is to mentor young ladies who have an interest in competing in The Miss Georgia Pageant and to teach the importance of community service.  It also serves as a unique fundraiser for the scholarships that are awarded to the Miss Georgia contestants.

The current Miss Georgia Pageant contestants are to serve as mentors to their Miss Georgia Princess(s).  The Princess(s) are encouraged to join their mentor in as many appearances, volunteer opportunities and other events as possible.

Miss Georgia Princess registration can be completed online by clicking here.

All Miss Georgia Princesses will participate in a stage production during the state pageant in June.

  • Encourage younger, active involvement in the Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant.
  • Provide a forum for personal growth.
  • Mentor using positive role models.
  • Have Fun!