Miss Georgia Local Preliminary Competitions

Official preliminaries to the 2019 Miss Georgia Scholarship Pageant. All information is subject to change; contact local pageant directors for most up-to-date information.

Date Title Open/Closed Contact  Phone
08/04/18  Miss Cobb County  Regional Gene Phillips  770-545-1351 
08/04/18  Miss Emanuel County  Regional  Anna Gambrell  478-494-2425 
08/04/18  Miss Southeast Georgia  Open  Anna Gambrell  478-494-2425 
08/12/18  Miss Cherokee Rose  Open  Claudia Snyder  770-377-3415 
08/18/18  Miss Rome  Open  Andrea Pitts  706-802-3732 
08/25/18  Miss Atlanta  Open  Russell Kirby  706-338-3132 
08/25/18  Miss Historic Buford  Open  Russell Kirby  706-338-3132 
09/08/18  Miss Stone Mountain  Open  Patricia Ragsdale  770-318-1932 
09/08/18  Miss Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy  Open  Patricia Ragsdale  770-318-1932 
09/15/18  Miss Gwinnett County  Open  Susan Harlow  678-770-7902 
09/22/18  Miss Hummingbird Festival  Open  Trina Pruitt  706-881-0166 
09/22/18  Miss Middle West Georgia  Open  Trina Pruitt  706-881-0166 
09/22/18  Miss Magnolia  Open Trina Pruitt  706-881-0166 
09/28/18  Miss Augusta University  College Paul Bradley, Jr.  843-475-7422 
09/29/18  Miss Georgia Coast  Open  Lauruby Benz  912-996-0024 
09/29/18  Miss Golden Isles  Open Lauruby Benz  912-996-0024 
10/06/18  Miss Kennesaw Open  Marty Chapman  404-680-3095 
10/13/18  Miss Capital City  Open  Amy Haney  770-490-8507 
10/20/18  Miss Lake Lanier  Open  Pennie Stathes  770-8633-3842 
01/19/19  Miss LaGrange  Open  Judy Neighbors  706-881-1157 
01/19/19  Miss Troup County  Open  Judy Neighbors  706-881-1157 
02/09/19  Miss Coweta County  Open  Gina McKinney  770-842-3710 
02/09/19  Miss Fayette County  Open  Gina McKinney  770-842-3710 
02/16/19  Miss Harris County  Open  Miranda Carlsen  770-403-6697 

NOTE: All University and College preliminaries are closed to students at the respective school and those designated "Regional" are open to residents of specific counties.